We at MBWC understand the pressures on micro-business and SME budgets, and we aim to offer low-cost websites and supporting functions to help your enterprise thrive. We will very speedily provide an up-and-running website, ready for you to add more blogs, plus a dedicated email address and connection if you wish with e.g. ‘matching’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. To find out more, please contact us here.

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Special year-end offer, March 2012

We still (till the end of the financial year) have a special offer of £350 for your website, email and, if required, Facebook and Twitter package, and even including the initial copywriting.

No hosting fees and no further costs for setting everything up, and a fully functioning website for you to take your business forward with!

Our usual terms and conditions apply. Your website is normally available within just a few days.

Contact us here to discuss further.

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Check how your website is doing

There are several ways in which you can check the progress and impact of your website.

You can see how many people are ‘Following’ your website posts directly, or via Facebook, Twitter or wherever else you choose.

And you can also check your progress using the Google ranking idea. (10 / 10 is for Google and the like themselves, then the measure goes down to where most of us have to start, at 0 / 10!)  This can also of course be done for other rankings as well as Google, e.g. for Yahoo etc.

To check your Google, or other, ranking you can use any one of a number of free links which are available on the www. This is one of them:

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

You simply type in the full homepage domain name, or the specific page or blogpost of a domain, that you want to check (yours, or someone else’s), and a ranking will come up.

Why not click on the ‘Page Rank Checker’ link above, and give it a try now?

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